29 July 2014

Pamper day Essentials

Sometimes you just need a pamper day, I like to call them body overhauls or maintenance. I try and have these days (more likely evenings) once a week as they make me feel 100% better and I usually do them on a Monday night or a Thursday (If I have Friday night Plans). 
I start with by having a long warm shower - exfoliating and then moisturising then it's .........
Tanning Time - Now this step may seem a bit scary for some, but practice does make perfect. I've been fake tanning for years and I still sometimes get an orange elbow or a randomly coloured ankle. However when it's done right you really do feel amazing. And as sad as it is to admit it - way more confident. I get my tan from Stranded Wholesale as they have a fab selection.
Nails -  Nails should really be a priority, it's not nice to look down at horrible, chipped nails and I have to say that looking at perfectly polished red nails makes me smile. I just painted them a corally colour.
Lashes - This is new to me, but i'm getting good at putting them on. No mascara needed and I look fabulous in the morning (shallow I know).
And then all thats left to do is sit down with a cup of tea in front of the telly!

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