30 August 2014

A Bit Like This

 photo 2ad1c661-102e-4cf2-b8ca-2761b0f1d6b3_zpsc4b00eec.jpg
I've been having such a lovely weekend so far, that i've not had much time to blog. It's been a lot like that lately, but I promise that normal blogging will become part of my daily routine again. I'm thinking about doing a 'Hell Week' next week, so doing everything I know that I should do, but I am too lazy to do. That means getting up in the morning and going to the gym, eating healthy and being more productive at work. I've been in a crazy slump for over a year and I need to pull out of it or everything will stay the same. Monday morning motivation here I come. Have a great Saturday night.

Hugs & Kisses

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Ambyr said...

Love the jacket!!


Elaine Malone said...

Lovely outfit, the jacket is fab!

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