22 October 2014

Fashion Niggles Fixed With #Nigglefix Campaign

Throughout life there are those little niggles that make days that little bit harder – but what if there was a simple solution to these little annoyances? Triumph has partnered with The Huffington Post in a new campaign to find fixes for life’s little niggles and they’ve even got celebs posting and talking about their own, rather hilarious, niggles.

This got me thinking about all the little niggles I have on a day to day basis – after all they say that a niggle shared is a niggle halved!

Toilet queues: always for the ladies, never for the men! I’m not sure whether they have bigger bladders capable of holding more liquid or they just spend less time washing their hands but I wish someone would think of a way to fix it without resorting to seeking out disabled cubicles or risking throwing caution to the wind and entering the male loos instead.

Buying clothes: don’t get me wrong, shopping is great! But only if what you buy is what you want. The issue of buying an item of clothing that looks absolutely wonderful in the shop’s changing rooms yet in every other situation makes you look like a hideous human being is one we’re all familiar with. Just what are they doing to changing room mirrors? And how can we do it to our own mirrors at home?!

Ill-fitting bras: as this Triumph video shows perfectly, my biggest niggle has to be ill-fitting bras! Not only can they still cost you a fortune but you’ll have to resort to doing the awkward bra shuffle at multiple points throughout the day while hoping no one notices (FYI – they all notice).

Thankfully Triumph has found a fix – at least to this last niggle. They’ve invented a bra without underwire. Before you start envisaging granny bras that have no style or shape, Triumph's Magic Wire bra is flattering and fashionable whilst giving full support. The underwire has been replaced with a clever piece of silicone and it has a built in mesh stabiliser that offers even more support and moves comfortably with your body so you hardly notice you’re even wearing a bra.

After stocking up on these magical bras, you may want to try and solve some more of life’s little niggles by sharing them via social media. On Facebook you can post your own niggles, answer other ladies’ niggles and hopefully find a fix for your own. You can also tweet your niggles using #nigglefix - you might learn that your niggles are more common than you realised.

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