3 November 2014

Coats Of Winter's Past

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The days are currently dull, grey and full of ridiculous wind, which makes outfit posts pretty impossible right now. But what did I expect? It is November after all. How and when that happened, I have NO idea. Anyways remember the cold, wet and grey part? Yea? So instead of looking like a drenched cat trying to take some outfits pictures, I thought i'd show you all the coats I managed to acquire last winter. I actually don't have any space for anymore coats in my wardrobe, cupboard, hanging rail or house in general, so i'll most probably be sticking to these - well at least until the Topshop January sale.

 photo 1474263d-c6a9-4483-b1cd-e871814dad40_zps8d84f342.jpg

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EMA said...

You have such a pretty coat collection, and in so many pretty colors :)