13 November 2014

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

candy cane hot chocolate 5

I like hot chocolate, any kind of chocolate in fact, but drinking chocolate is right up there with one of my fave things to do. Currently, to treat myself after a long day at work i've been making peppermint hot chocolate each night, topped with marshmallows. So naughty, but so so good.

All that's needed is
Milk - we suggest full fat
Hot drinking chocolate - currently loving Hasslacher's - found in Tesco
Crushed candy canes
How to
Take 4/5 chocolate discs and melt, add milk and warm up together whilst stirring. Add some crushed candy canes 1/2 per cup, stir. Et voila - it is ready to be poured and then all marshmallowed up. When you get bored of candy canes and marshmallows you can always swap those up for your fave chocolate. I've tested out ferrero rocher and reeses pieces, both were pretty amazing.
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