20 November 2014

Riding Boots

I am so in love with these boots as mentioned a gazzilion times. I had such a palava with the sizing. In store there was a size 6 on the shelf (i'm a 3), I tried them on anyway and even though they were massive, they were a perfect fit and length on the leg. It didn't occur to me that, that was only because of the actual shoe size. I got the size 3 and they were so much shorter that I upgraded to the 4. They are far too big, but nothing a fluffy pair of socks can't resolve and they are a little teeny bit longer in the leg than the 3. There you go - girl struggles right there.

Boots River Island // Jumper Vila // Jeans ASOS // Bag Le Mothers // Sunnies MK

Hugs & Kisses

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EmilyGrace said...

Loving these boots!

Emily x // EmGrace

5 foot 10 said...

I have a few pairs of insoles handy for shoe emergencies (normally when I need a half size and the brand doesn't make them so I have to buy the larger and stuff it with insoles). Nice boots!