24 December 2014

Fave Christmas Movies

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Christmas movies are up there with the best. You can watch on repeat, they make you happy and they bring back that little bit of magic, that you might have lost. And whilst the weather is windy and rainy, it's the perfect excuse to cosy up on the sofa with the Christmas lights on and sipping on a hot chocolate. Perfect! If you've got all your Christmas shopping done and dusted and under the tree you can sit there smugly whilst watching Jingle All The Way.
home alone
What's not to love lots and lots of pain inflicted on burglars and a happy happy ending mixed with numerous laughs. It never gets old and watching it each year, you seem to notice something else, that you hadn't noticed before.

jingle all the way
Jingle All The Way
I'm a massive fan of Arnie and what's not to love and Jingle All The Way. A ridiculous story line, he saves the day and there is a happy Christmas ending. I love watching this each year and Arnie is fabulous as always.
miracle on 34th st
Miracle On 34th Street
If you didn't love this movie as a child, something must have been wrong. It brings back all the magic that you once had and makes you believe in all sorts of miracles. Plus the lead girl is cute a a button and I always wanted her hair - it was the days before GHDs.
The GrinchJim Carey at his best and great for a giggle. Great family movie and a must watch.
Since channel 4 stopped showing it, it has been essential to own this DVD. I like to save this for Christmas Eve.
A bit scary, but the best version of this story. Bill Murray is great and somewhat funny. This was watched last night. Always as good as the first time.
a chistmas carol
A Christmas Carol
Just a great Christmas movie for all the family to sit down and watch together.
The HolidayJude Law + Kate Winslet = movie magic.
love actually
Love Actually
Bit romantic really - it gives you butterflies and a complete feel good movie.
santa claus
The Santa ClauseThe first one was the best, the second was still good, they should have left it at that.
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Maggie A said...

Holiday videos should definitely be played at least for two months lol December 1 - January 31 :)