16 January 2015

Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten Review

I'm always on the hunt for new bronzers, I mean who doesn't like a bit of bronze? And I find this time of year, really is the palest i'm ever going to be, so a bronzer is essential. 

I got this little beauty in my stocking from Santa last year and I couldn't more excited to give it a whirl. If I remember correctly this bronzer comes in 2 shades and mine is the slightly darker - medium. I go for the darker colours as I do like to fake tan and they go fine with my non fake tanned skin as long as I blend properly.

I have to say that I have been ignoring all my other bronzers since the day that I got this as I am very happy with the finish. It's a nice, i've been relaxing in the sun look without the too intense for this time of year, i've been travelling for 6 months look. You can use it for a quick bronze, as a contour and also for eyeshadow if you wanted to so it is a multi-use product.

It does say that it has a matte finish, however there is a bit if sparkle in it, i'm not sure if it's meant to be there or not? but I love that it does. I apply it with a normal blusher brush and love the results.

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