16 January 2015

New Blog Finds

I'm always finding new blogs, that I very quickly become obsessed with. It also makes me think - where have I been, because the blogs seem to be pretty MASSIVE. Anywho, here are a few of my recent finds on the Blogosphere.

This is a new one to me entirely. She is an Irish blogger, with millions of followers, add 2 books into the mix, some fabulous make up envy and you have my new favourite blog. She has a fab You Tube channel and so great night out looks to check out. So cancel your Friday night plans and head to Did I forget to mention - she also has the best fake tan tips! Off you go now!

I came across this lady a long time ago, back when her blog was called Football Frue. Although I haven't visited in over a year. She now has a baby a new blog name and a whole lotta new posts. Her pictures are always spot on and I love her cooking posts, not to mention her outfit posts of course.

This girls style is impeccable. I originally clicked onto her blog through Victoria Tornegren's blog and did so because I decided that her lips are the lips that I want to have! HA! After that. I was on the outfit post watch. They are all quite simply perfect - I don't like to use that word - but she always looks entirely polished, which I never seem to manage - I like to spend an extra half hour in bed each morning. Go and check het out - you'll find lots of wardrobe basics and many ways to wear them. You can thank me later.

Hugs & Kisses

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Maggie A said...

I always love coming across new blogs! :)