13 February 2015

A bit of Pamepring

I am known for my ridiculously long showers. When I bought my first house, I told my Dad that I was going to take the shower with me. It was a power shower and it was amazing - when I get in less than powerful showers - I cry. I'm not even joking - it's not a luxury it's a must have and if it's just a trickle then why bother. Luckily for moi, my Dad bought me a shower exactly the same as his as a moving in present. Now showers aren't the most fun things to take pictures of - but just look at it. This is a Mira 360 degree shower head. It has 4 different spray settings and you just flip it over to the next one. Little things like this really make a difference to me for some reason and I like the fact that you can have a mixture of settings, instead of just the one.

Pampering is a massive thing for me, I love nothing more than having a soak in the bath, trying new products and just relaxing, whilst watching Pretty Little Liars. Which is exactly what i'm doing tonight, incase you were wondering. I think I stayed in the shower for a full 45 minutes.

Heart shaped soap for some Valentine's Day themed pampering.

This is probably one of my fave scents ever. It's really strong, which I like and the smell lingers for longer than your usual. And no pampering night is fully complete without a face mask. this one smells absolutely fantatsic. Who knew that Aloe and Pomegranate would be such a great mix.

Now i'm off to bed without Pretty Little Liars as it would seem i've watched all the episodes available on Netflix. Le Sigh. Have a great Friday night girls

Hugs & Kisses

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Maggie A said...

That shower head is so cute!!!

Maggie A