16 February 2015

Favourite Blueberry Pancakes

I absolutely love pancakes and I don't usually wait till Pancake Day to have them, but when Pancake Day comes round, I do like to indulge. I have adapted this recipe from a protein pancake recipe, which I discovered when doing a Herbalife programme. However these are a little bit unhealthy once I add everything else on top. The main ingredients is 1 mushed up banana and one egg with a few added extras. During the week I don't have the bacon of syrup, I switch those up for 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder and honey as the sauce.

To make 2 pancakes you will need - 
1 banana
1 large egg
Pinch of baking powder
Fruit of choice - Strawberries and banana
Cooking oil of choice - I used coconut oil

What to do - 
Start cooking your bacon, whilst that's going on - 
Mush up your banana with a fork as smoothly as possible. Add your egg and continue to use fork to mix and mush. It doesn't have to be completely smooth, but do try to get it as smooth as possible.
Mix in your baking powder, Don't skip this part as the pancakes will not be as fluffy.
Heat up a pan, add your oil and let simmer on a medium heat. Drop in the mixture for form your two pancakes and then pop your blueberries on top.

Continue cooking on a medium heat until the top of your pancakes start to bubble. Be careful with this, you don't want to do this too early. Then flip those babies over. A minute of the other side should just about do it. If you're making pancakes for an army, repeat process.

Pop pancakes on top of each other and then add your fruit of choice and make it look pretty.

Grab your bacon - I like mine cremated as you can see.

Grab your syrup and go wild. The more syrup, the better if you ask me.

Then tuck in. I may or may not have had seconds. These were so freaking good.

Hugs & Kisses

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