11 March 2015

Fave Perfumes

I have a ridiculous obsession with perfume right now - mainly all of these perfumes and 100% Lancome's La Vie Est Belle. It smells so amazing, I just can't explain how amazing. Also the YSL black opium is pretty amazing - I smelt that today whilst wandering around Boots - definitely give that a sniff next time you in store. This post was meant to be a Mothers Day related post, however it turned into a shopping post for myself! Whoops! I an still tell you about the Mothers Day offers in Boots though can't I. Many of the perfumes have money off or double points on your Boots card and also some free gifts are being thrown into the mix. Have a look for yourself and treat your Mummy of just treat you. I'm definitely treating myself.

Hugs & Kisses

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