6 April 2015

Monday Wishlist

Jeans here // Bikini here // Dress here // Heels here // Black sandals here // Daisy print dress here // White dress here // Lace up flats here // Sweatshirt here // Jumper here // Green bikini here // Unicorn tee here 

Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday Monday - who else is upset that they have to go back to work tomorrow? On the plus side - this is the best Monday ever! lovely lay in - cuddle with the pup and chocolate for brekkie - can't ask for much more really can you. I'm off to see a friend for a catch up with pate, french bread and diet coke. I can't wait - absolutely starving - clearly didn't eat enough chocolate.

Hugs & Kisses 

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Carys Emily said...

the daisy dress is so pretty !

Distant Dreamer