7 May 2015

BarkBeats Box

Hawwo I'm Oreo - you've all met me before, but for all you newbies - i'm the black and white furry model my Mum uses when she takes pictures of herself every. single. day.

She's always getting secret things delivered through the letterbox, which always seems to make her so happy - but i'm not allowed to play with them. That was until the other day. 

I woke up as usual at 7am. This is only because I share a bed with Mum and she makes something beep every single morning and she just goes back to sleep. I figure once i'm up - i'm up so I just give her a morning lick (Face wash) she usually gets up pretty quickly after that. 

Then it was time to go for work - I say work - I watch Mum work - she thinks I can't tell - but she's actually looking at pretty dresses on a thing she calls the internet.  And then there was a knock on the door. I obviously ran down to bark at the intruder and make sure that everyone is safe. Once I sniffed the man, I decided he could enter and he handed Mum a package and I got a biscuit - he can come more often. The package had my name on - can you believe it - something for me!

I had to wait a while though, because she decided to take a million pictures and look through the whole box before I even got a sniff in.

It's ok though, because I don't have thumbs so it would have taken me a while. I would have liked to try though. I'm pretty sure I could do it. I manage to open all her envelopes for her.

Once I was left alone it was time to investigate - Mum opened all the bits for me to decide what I wanted to eat - there was one thing called wipes that mum was pretty excited about. She's always telling me off for having a food beard - and i'm just over here thinking i'm saving it for later alright. I'm going to have to get a bit better at hiding my saved food in future.

Arquizoo Wipes
These wipes as Mum says are annoying - every time I have a leaky eye she gets one out and wipes my face - my face! Just no need. However she likes them so they must be good.

Busy Buddy Waggle
Whoever put this in the box is genius - it makes Mum give me even more treats - I always leave one left inside, just to remind her that it needs treats and she needs to fill it up NOW!

Trixie Roller pop
Smells like marmite, tastes like marmite, now I can always have marmite.

Hov Hov Natural Cookies
I like these and I hide them all around the house, just incase Mum forgets to feed me. It does happen on occasion, but this way we're both happy.

Barks and Sparks Brownie
Apparently this is too big for me to have in one whole go - so I get a little bit every day at dinner time. I will work out where Mum keeps it and I will eat it all! All of it I tell you.

The BarkBeats people have said that you can tell your Mummies that they can go and buy this box for you and they have a nice 50% off your first discount code for you to try and persuade them with - just type in CHAMPAGNE at the checkout. If that doesn't work tilt your head, make sad eyes and put your paw on their hand and just look all cute and stuff. It works for me, every time. You can check out previous boxes here and also order your own if your persuasion skills were any good - mine were great.

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