6 May 2015

Barry M Sunset Collection

Whilst in Boots last week I noticed that Barry M have a new collection going on - 7 new colours in a collection that is meant to be as good as gel nails from a salon and an up to 10 day chip free mani. The collection is question is the Barry M Sunset collection. You have to use the top coat that is provided in the collection as it sets the polish using UV light - instead of a lamp. I was so excited when I saw this, I bought it, went home and did my nails. The finish is really lovely and shiny - just like shellac. Day 1 was really good, the shine didn't dull and they were definitely chip free. Day 2 the right hand unfortunately started to chip - le sigh. Day 3 - I gave up and took it all off. So first thoughts - not that great. I am going to try again tomorrow and see if I applied it the wrong way or if the coats that I applied were too thick etc. So i will definitely be giving this another go. If you want to give it a test yourself - there is currently a buy one get one half price offer. Buy the colour for £4.99 and get the top coat for £2.50. Have you guys tried this yet - what did you think? 

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