9 August 2012

Sneaky Peak


Just a quick little snippet of how long my hair is. I seriously miss my long hair, but it was time for another change and without going blonde again, this was all I could do.
Added bonus - hair grows - so it won't be long till I can wear extensions.
Do you guys have any recommendations or tips on how to wear extensions with short short hair?

Hugs & Kisses


Anonymous said...

Buy some shorter length ones say 16inch and then go the hairdressers and get them to trim while they are in :) I work in a salon and people do this all the time and it always looks lovely - much better than clipping them in straight from the packet :)

Pia said...

I have no experience with extensions... but try using biotin and/or vitamin E pills. It helps make hair stronger and grow :)

Jodie said...

cannot wait to see your hair in all its glory- it looks fab but i know how you feel with the initial shock of short hair. i am always unsure of my hair when i cut it short (i tend to clip it all off for summer than let ot grow over the year) infact this is the first time i have ever kept my hair long!
the most important thing with extensions is getting them cut in! my sister is a hairdresser and her pet hate (to the point where she has stopped people in the street) is extentions not being cut in properly

Michaela said...

I have a serious urge to cut my hair shorter!

Johanna said...

Thank you soo much! :D Im really crazy about skulls these days ^^ Nice blog you have! Sorry for the delayed answer. /Johanna

Nicol SepĂșlveda said...

You should look very pretty. :)

Mira said...

Sadly can´t help you with the extensions. Really wanna see your new hair do :D



Sam Hutchinson said...

Ooh this looks gorgeous already, really suits your face shape :-)