9 August 2012


{Beauty products for guests to freshen up}

I read in a Martha Stewart magazine, that if a friend calls to say she's coming over unexpected, and you only have ten minutes to tidy your house, then you should make sure that the guest toilet/ bathroom is sparkly clean. Whats the reasoning behind this? It's the only place your guest will spend anytime alone in one room during her stay. So I made sure that when I moved house, the guest toilet/ bathroom was the first room that was fully decorated and pretty. It also smells of strawberries and cream - it may just be my favourite room. Sorry about the lighting in the pics, no window so made it impossible!

{Chalk board to leave any silly notes or thoughts or just general abuse}

{Cute towel hooks from Next}

{Gorgeous mirror to make a tiny room look bigger}

{So pretty}

Hugs & Kisses

* Products featured
Cowshed hand cream
Next perfumes
Ikea stool
BHS mirrored tray
Sainsbury Heart butterflies 
The Range chalkboard
Next towel hooks
Matalan towels
Matalan mirrors
Next soap dispenser


Amy said...

Couldn't agree more, great advise! Love the guest bathroom!


Leopard and Lillies

avs: said...

This is theeee cutest! Love the chalk board! xoxo AVS

Jesss said...

Great advice! It's gorgeous too, I love the towel hooks and the chalkboard is so pretty :)


Ira Kharchenko said...

It looks very lovely! I love it!

MargieF said...

I tried to make the bathroom in my flat look pretty as well...the only thing in my way is the laminated sign saying only no.1s and no.2s are allowed down the toilet which my landlady says I can't take off the wall!

Perhaps a cute mirror like yours could help...


SarahB @ FridayisForever said...

I love all of this, really made the most of a small room!!

Jasmine Nicole said...

You did a marvelous job! It is so true though, I love when I visit people and the guest bathroom is well decorate, smells good, and is tidy! Great beauty products is a bonus

xXxStundonxXx said...

I always scrub the bathroom if someone is coming around!
Love your bathroom, so neat and cute x

TripsTreasures said...

Hey ! thanks for your commentg

I really like what's on the first photo