17 November 2012



I'm slightly obsessed with Pinterest right now, the amount of inspiration is endless and without inspiration life is boring. I'm currently drooling over nail pictures - i've become boring with my nails as of late and needed some new ideas A. to get me feeling all festive and B. to make my hands look pretty. You can check out my make up pin board here.
P.S I love glitter.




Hugs & Kisses


Tulla said...

cute :)

Brooklyn Grace said...

very nice post

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

You & I are the same boat, I so need to change up the type of color I have been wearing on my nails for over a year now. The only "nail art" that I do is paint them one color, & then of course paint one nail with a glitter polish. The first photo, & the mint polish is my favorite.

indie by heart said...

That first photo is beyond gorgeous ! Where could I get a decoration like that, it's amazing ^^

I love sparkly nails too, some time ago did pink base + silver glitter ones, simple and chic. :)

Indie by heart

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Very pretty!! I love doing my nails! I am obsessed with gel polish now though so I've got rid of all my previous nail polishes and I am now building up my collection again!! So exciting! Going to copy these looks for xmas xx

Zoe said...

I love glittery nails, espcially now its started to get really cold and people are starting to get that Christmassy feeling! x