21 January 2013

Cheeky Purchase

BBJKTVbCUAE_AQkjpg-large_zpsa2a66e9f photo BBJKTVbCUAE_AQkjpg-large_zpsa2a66e9f-1_zpsdc997691.jpg

After saying, I haven't bought anything for a while, well I accidently bought this jumper. Woops. The colour was just to lovely to leave behind in the shop. I think this colour is perfect for spring when it eventually gets here. I got mine from With Love Boutique - check it out here.

BBJKFJECQAAx7iGjpg-large_zps005ca7fe photo BBJKFJECQAAx7iGjpg-large_zps005ca7fe-1_zps9e7ffc03.jpg

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Hugs & Kisses


Heidi-likes said...

Love the pastel colours :) x

Miss Top Ten Image said...

What a cute and lovely sweater!!

h² fashion said...

Cute! It looks like it could be worn in winter and spring!

Rosie von Waldherr said...

That's such a lovely color! I would be so happy if I could wear colors like that minty shade...but they look horrible on me haha

The Austrian Rose

Blicious said...

LOVE this sweater!! the color is so pretty!

Valérie said...

Love this sweater! It's so cute :) xx

Natalie said...

That's so adorable! I love the colours :)
N xoxo

Ella said...

Gorgeous! The colour is so perfect for spring (I am totally wishing away winter right now!) xx

HeartsAndCrosses said...

This is so pretty, lovely colour


Verity Smith said...

This looks like a wild fox jumper, really pretty.

Caitlin-Clare said...

This jumper is so cute! Perfect for the snow at the moment :)