20 January 2013

My Basket

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I'm not much a product changer, once i've found something I like I don't really change it, unless it's stopped working for me. So I thought i'd show you what i'm using right now with regards to shampoo, conditioner, face products, hair products etc - or really what fits in my basket. Sometimes it changes due to what my hair dresser recommends or my Mum has found a new product that is sure to change my life or quite simply it was an absolute steal and I couldn't leave the shop without it. My current products are probably my favourite of all time (for the time being), so I thought it was about time I shared.

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Hair - Macadamia deep conditioning mask (Not pictured, but you can see the review here) - this is a dream, a hair dream to be exact. It smells beyond amazing and leaves your hair silky soft in a word - LOVE. L'Occitaine shampoo and conditioner - it's not love and it's not hate, it does what it says on the tin. It was a gift from my Mum and she swears hands down that she can see a difference in my hair - apparently it looks super shiny and soft. Boots own Coconut leave in conditioner - I don't think it actually has any benefits to my hair, but it smells absolutely amazing - so thats that.

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Face - I am currently using Liz Earle products for my Rosacea (See here), I started seeing results straight away so these little beauts have quickly become a firm fave. They are Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser, skin repair moisturiser, intensive nourishing mask and Instant boost skin tonic.
I couldn't ask for anything else right now.

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Body - A Christmas gift set that smells divine (Thanks Tia). I could literally eat it and my pup actually attempted it. It smells of white chocolate and praline - it's beautiful. I slather myself with this shimmery goodness every morning and night. It's from I Love Cosmetics and you can check them out here.
And lastly the holy grail of fake tan - St Tropez - need I say anymore.

IMG_3526_zpsd013b540 photo IMG_3526_zpsd013b540-1_zpsb0f6c3fe.jpg

So there you have it - some of my current products - if you ever come across the I love shimmer and sparkle products i'd strongly suggest you buy them! 

Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

Aaah Liz Earle! I really need to try this, I've been wanting the cleanser for ever :) xx

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I want that coconut hair conditioner from Boots - sounds great!!!

Nicole Baxter said...

I have the cranberry celebration I love cosmetics shower gel and it smells divine :) xxx

Jonne said...

I use the I love collection often. Love it. Currently using I love strawberry milkshake ;)

Thanks for making a lovely comment on my blog. Hope to see you soon!

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Some great products, especially the L'Occitane! Lovely post


Liesl said...

All that shimmer and sparkle looks fun for summer, when it gets here! Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Kristy! :)

M said...



Grace said...

Oh thanks for sharing! So want that shimmer product.

Check out my giveaway on my blog!

La borsa di Mary Poppins said...

very nice pictures!!!!:)

Caitlin-Clare said...

I don't know where i'd be without my Liz Earle skincare routine, my best purchase of 2012 for sure! Do you have the pumped moisturiser?