22 February 2013

Tanning Time

Keeping on todays topic - FAKE TAN. Make up stains are awful to get out and fake tan stains are shameless. I'm always covering myself in something or another and it's usually when i'm wearing white, or just before I leave the house in the morning. I'm literally the clumsiest person in the world and i'm well known for spilling things, ending up with coffee stains or coca cola stains down my top. Due to my stupidity, I needed to investigate the detergent isle of the supermarket to get some stain removal products. Please welcome Vanish fabric stain remover to my household cleaners - well clothes cleaners - I use the carpet stain remover so I thought why not give this a go. I am happy to say that my orange coloured bed sheets from way to much make up and tanning are whiter than white, which has made me very happy that I can continue with my tanning Fridays without a care in the world!

 photo 9e308210-cff7-4185-b58f-b75b58700c72_zps6633b6d0.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


Be Nice* said...

Nice post! Totally true!

Couture for the soul said...

You can't beat the st tropes glow can ya. Xx

H x

Jonathan Smith said...

For our type of people stain removers are the best buddies, because those clumsy nights will never come again so keep clean yourself with cleansing products and forget the stains. As you told about your product, I am using Cleanwell carpet stain removerM, and it is fantastically working out.