11 March 2013

Before the Snow

 photo 59f652e8-d6d3-4629-b2cb-187fdbce1195_zps294a9c25.jpg

Its' absolutely freezing outside, but I can't complain, the snow looks so pretty. I took the little pups for a walk yesterday - its was freezing - I mean ridiculously freezing - but then the snow came. Go figure. As I went to the beach I decided to change my shoes for Hunters, not the warmest wellies in the world, but  me and the pup had fun.

 photo ab6f7d5c-9394-4c25-8b1c-21b9f99a7cab_zps03355545.jpg

 photo ee31dce0-9785-4ce5-bc02-7b91147ab163_zpsc5519cef.jpg

 photo b03dfb42-dca3-47a3-9743-d13dfeb91fb4_zps872cd728.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


Lindsay said...

I love your red Hunters! So cute. They brighten the whole outfit. :)

AlittlebitUnique said...

I need a pair of red hunters in my life! Especially for the type of weather we have!

A little bit Unique