27 April 2013

GiPSY Dharma Handmade Clothing

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Remember the days when you wanted to be in Peter Pan, where fairies existed and you stayed young forever - you wanted to be Wendy and rescued by a lovely boy and taken to never never land. Well if this store existed back then, you would probably shop there. They describe themselves as the unique clothing and leather boots for women. Light and flexible, like second skin. barefoot feeling for all you dancers, fairies, pixies, gipsies and space travellers. Which I guess means my above thought was correct. take a look for yourselves, I think you will definitely find your inner Tinkerbell and then have a photoshoot in the forest (if you’re a blogger).

It’s always interesting to find different brands around and especially ones so innovative and different such as this one. I could definitely see these boots been worn in an episode of Tru Blood, or probably on the locals in Brighton. they state that they are more than a brand and have a passion for hand made footwear and clothing. They believe that life is a beautiful journey (which it is) if one looks at it from the right perspective and GiPsy Dharma is their own philosophy of always being on the move and constantly dreaming of what will come next. Gipsy Dharma boots are designed to help people on their journey by, if only slightly, beautifying their lives, inspiring them, raising their level of self-awareness and by giving them a lucky sign to start fresh.

The boots come in a variety of colours such as gold, orange, tan and black. In suede and leather and even better they come in leo print. They also have  some lovely leather flip flops, in very neutral and earthy colours.

They are definitely unique thats for sure and I am looking forward to see what else it is that they come up with. What are your thoughts would you give these boots a go?

Hope you all have an amazing Saturday!

Hugs & Kisses

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