26 April 2013

Throw Back

 photo 4a2f4907-14b3-4b02-84aa-6c844bb63a26_zps21630a04.jpg

Just to embarrass myself, I thought i'd share with you one of my first ever outfit posts. Ha! Have a lovely day girls.

Hugs & Kisses

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Anthea said...

So cute! Funny how much it documents our lives isn't it? Loving my clutch btw :)

Fashion Ganache said...

Gorgeous outfit! Great first OOTD ((:
Now following you! (:
Fashion Ganache.

Krystel said...

Pretty outfit and I hope your having an amazing weekend :) x
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Diva In Me said...

Time definitely flew by so quickly and I'm so glad you're still blogging =)
Happy Birthday Fashion Champagne! More to come. Cheers! =)