24 September 2014

Look Of The Day

Afternoon Ladies, sorry about the late update. I've had a lovely day so far getting my nails done, brunch with the girlies and doing a spot of shopping, more on that later. I've discovered that there is such a things a too many scented candles on at once, who knew, certainly not me. I realised that my local Tesco Extra sell Twinkies and Nutella dipper sticks. It's been a pretty awesome day! Now, i've got a load of emails to respond to, work to catch up on and Diet Coke to drink. Hopefully i'll be able to fit a nap in there at some point. Woo Hoo! Enjoy the sunshine.

Hat & Cardigan Primark - Jeans ASOS - Jumper Missguided - Bag River Island - Boots Bon Prix

Hugs & Kisses

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