5 May 2015

Birthday Picnic

This is the year that all my besties and I turn 30. I can honestly say we didn't see it coming - it was only yesterday when we were celebrating our 21st. Lat week saw the blondie in the below picture turn 30 - I love that she is older than me as I spent the last 2 weeks winding her up about her old age! Anywho - her birthday fell on a week day when most people are at work, so I went round at stupid o clock in the morning with a birthday picnic hamper, lots of sequin 20 things and prosecco. I thought I would share this with you all to give you some ideas for your friends birthdays. It was such a lovely morning, although prosecco at 9am probably isn't the best idea! Ha!

Hugs & Kisses

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StephDreamsBlog said...

This looks just lovely! What a wonderful little picnic xx